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The purpose of this website is to find, share information about studying in America and to help as many Cambodian/Khmer students as possible from around the world, in the US and especially those from Cambodia to come to study in the US.


We have a page on Facebook named SEKSAinUSA and we encourage every Cambodian/Khmer students around the world to join the group. We think that the group on Facebook is really helpful because people can share knowledge or information or ask for advice from those who used to study in the US or is studying in the US right now.

The website is in the early development phase and might take a while before it is ready. So for now, please join the Facebook group for more information about studying in the USA.

SEKSA in USA (សិក្សានៅសហរដ្ឋអាមេរិក) on Facebook

Use the link below to download and install Khmer Unicode to be able to read khmer.

ចុច ខ្មែរយូរនីកូដ រួចបញ្ចូលក្នុងcomputerដើម្បីអានអក្សរខ្មែរបាន។

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